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管理学院 / / 重新构想商学院的运作方式

在凯特林, you won’t find your typical business management degrees — you’ll find forward-thinking programs with real-world application.

Kettering analyzed the way today’s business schools run and then reimagined it — from the way our faculty share their experiences in the classroom to the skills we make sure you build as part of our paid co-op program.

Our business school prepares you to become a leader who knows how to take action in today’s complex, 充满活力的经济, which is shaped by constant disruption and technological revolution. 

Earn a business degree that takes you from the classroom to the boardroom effortlessly so you’re ready to respond with innovative, 敏捷和适应性的想法.

Kettering 管理学院 will help you make an impact on the world — whether you join us on campus as an undergraduate or pursue an online business degree as a graduate student.


The 管理学院 offers business management degrees through on-campus undergraduate programs and a mix of on-campus and online graduate programs. 了解更多关于我们的商业学位选择.

  • 管理学学士学位

  • 建立商业头脑, earn a degree in business and choose a distinctive concentration in Innovation & 创业, 供应链管理, 业务分析, 可持续发展管理或技术领导.
  • 工商管理硕士学位

  • Earn a business degree that helps you prepare to lead the 发展 and marketing of complex services and solutions for tomorrow’s organizations. Our curriculum brings together engineering, technology and business acumen. On-campus students also get hands-on paid graduate internship experience.
  • 工商管理技术硕士学位

  • 作为stem指定的学位, our Tech MBA prepares you to lead business and technology — and understand how they intersect in future-forward businesses. Become a tech expert and digital value creator to compete in a tech driven digital economy.
  • 工程管理理学硕士

  • This hybrid STEM degree in management blends traditional business topics, 技术工程课程和赞助, 实际工作经验. 结果? You build unrivaled management expertise and understand the tools needed to succeed. Study on campus or earn your online engineering management degree.
  • 运营管理理学硕士

  • 培养管理技能, knowledge and attitudes that manufacturing and services companies demand. Our business management degrees sharpen your expertise in general business and modern operations management.
  • 在线供应链理学硕士

  • Position yourself for career advancement and leadership opportunities across the 供应链 — from import and export to logistics management. Join us on campus to build an understanding of the global market while becoming an expert in sourcing goods and consumer delivery or earn your online business degree from Kettering. 证书s, concentrations and minors are also part of our business curriculum.


你是否想在工程领域工作, 供应链, 技术或医疗保健, we have business management degrees to help you pursue your passion. 找到适合你的商业项目.

学位和课程 学位类型
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本科 浓度 网络的主人 证书 在线证书
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本科 浓度 网络的主人 证书 在线证书
本科 浓度 网络的主人 证书 在线证书
本科 浓度 网络的主人 证书 在线证书
本科 浓度 网络的主人 证书 在线证书
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本科 浓度 网络的主人 证书 在线证书
本科 浓度 网络的主人 证书 在线证书
浓度 证书

Earn Your 企业管理 Degree While You Learn With Kettering’s Co-Op Program

Graduate from one of the top business schools with the work experience employers are looking for. Our co-op education learning model lets undergraduates earn a degree in business by alternating between the classroom and the real world through paid, 全职工作. We bring theory and practice together so you can apply what you learn while you earn your degree in business.










Why 企业管理 Degrees From Kettering Are Different

你是否想领导别人, 管理一个部门, manage tech projects or create effective business strategies, a business degree from Kettering’s 管理学院 gives you a foundation to build a lasting career.

Study on campus or join other graduate students to earn an online business degree to advance your career. 您还将受益于:

  • 特定于行业的浓度
  • Complement your business knowledge with specialized expertise and skills in an area of interest — from business analytics to 供应链 management.
  • STEM-focused课程
  • Not all business schools pair business and STEM-focused students to work side by side. 在凯特林, 你不仅学会了说商业语言, but also master the language of technical experts so you can communicate in any field. 
  • 行业咨询委员会
  • We named 10 business and organizational leaders to our first-ever 管理学院 行业咨询委员会. 该团队为前瞻性课程提供指导, 新项目开发, 和指导, 为凯特林学生提供实习和工作机会.

2022年, 普林斯顿评论 ranked Kettering’s undergraduate 创业 program No. 在农村有38个,在全国没有. 中西部地区有13所学校基于学术、师资等方面.


管理学院是 认证 by the Association of Collegiate Business 学校 and 项目 (ACBSP).

排名. 1为商科学位RO

凯特林是 叫不. 1 in Michigan and one of the best in the nation among private and public colleges for lifetime return on investment (ROI) by Georgetown University.



Led by Experienced Faculty With Unmatched Business Experience

Study alongside the best in business — whether you’re on campus or earning your online business degree. 

我们的教师有宝贵的, 实际管理经验, 发展, 微型企业, 创业, 创新, 精益产品开发, 工艺开发和新产品开发.